Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery (from the Greek Plaissen – to mold, to give shape,…) in the 21st century focuses on treating several conditions, as well as altering aesthetic shapes and contours with a much greater degree of predictability. Unfortunately, because it is a medical act and not a mathematical calculation, there is no absolute guarantee of results.

Nowadays, surgical procedures for solely aesthetic purposes are routine, and whenever the patient and surgeon’s expectations converge, the results are usually highly satisfactory for both parties.

This is a demanding surgical specialty that, to be practised entails an extensive and vast curriculum, both technically and scientifically, involving rigorous and demanding selection examinations in Portugal, as well as in the remaining European countries (currently at least 13 years of medical training).

All specialties have undergone remarkable evolution throughout the last decades, but Plastic Surgery is indeed one of those that has most benefitted from technological development. Therefore, the reduced length of procedures, the greater predictability of results and increased safety have made it one of the most popular, always striving to find techniques that meet the ever growing social demands and quest for perfection.

There are excellent plastic surgeons in Portugal (with complete training), but unfortunately surgeries are not always carried out by specialists and the risks for patients that may result from that are always unpredictable. This is why any person seeking plastic surgery should verify the training of the chosen physician.

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